Training Camp by Jon Gordon


Step into a pair of "Good for your Sole" positivity socks by Jon Gordon.

Socks are made 100% in the USA. One Size Fits Most: Knitted with reduced cross stretch for a better fit!

Training Camp reveals that the best performers in a variety of fields all share the same qualities. Among other traits, the best of the best are able to maintain a big-picture vision while taking zoom-focused action, they are mentally stronger, they seize the moment, and they inspire excellence in the people around them. But these aren’t inborn traits; the great news is that they’re skills and attitudes that can be learned and applied by all. If you want to be your best-Training Camp offers an inspirational story and real-world wisdom on what it takes to reach true excellence and how you and your team (your work team, school team, church team, and family team) can achieve it.